VA3WPN's Shack VA3WPN's Shack The HW-100 Here is the Heathkit HW-100 I recently put through repair and alignment. The first radio for me to tinker with and repair. Special Thanks to Mark ( VA3SDF ) for the Tubes. She puts out 100 Watts! 171562418 The HW-8 I picked up this little beauty about 6 months ago. I brought it home, and put it on the shack shelf to wait for some attention. I finally got around to getting to it. I opened it up and its SOO clean and well built. I can't wait to get an antenna up to try it out. 171588096 The R1155A This receiver is HISTORIC. My Great Uncle personally removed it from a Lancaster Bomber after the 2nd World war at the AVRO Facility near Beeton Ontario. He had it on his shelf for nearly 70 years. And It still works.. EVEN the Magic Eye tube still works. There is a home brew power supply with an audio output amp. All works fairly well, I just have to get a better Antenna then a 30 ft wire laying on the floor. 171695122 Holliday Shopping So, Iv been doing some shopping through out the Holliday season. Iv picked up some additional pieces for the Heathkit Collection. I just need to get it all working now. 172147596 175442303 175442304 175442305 175442306 175442307 175442308 175442309 175442310 175442311 175442312 175442313 175442314 175442315 175442316 175442317 175442318 175442319 175442320 175442321