VE3NLH MEMORIES VE3NLH MEMORIES MEMORIES Norm & Victoria having lunch at the burger joint after the York Region Hamfest 157729788 MEMORIES VA3VJS AND VE3NLH at a rest stop coming back from dayton 157734125 MEMORIES VE3LTC, VE3NLH AND VA3ACO 157734124 MEMORIES VE3NLH and VA3AGX PREDATOR setups 157734122 MEMORIES VE3NLH and VA3AGX PREDATOR setups 157734119 MEMORIES this is actually the last pic i got of VE3NLH comeing back from Dayton 157734120 MEMORIES 157730009 MEMORIES Allan VE3WBQ 157729768 MEMORIES 157729785 MEMORIES you could never get enough love from Norm, plenty to go around for every one. 157734123 MEMORIES 157729790 MEMORIES 157729789 MEMORIES 157729786 MEMORIES 157729787 MEMORIES 157730010 MEMORIES Victoria VA3VJS and her daughter with Karen VA3NOW 157729779 MEMORIES Marc VA3SDF and Karen VA3NOW 157729784 MEMORIES Victoria VA3VJS, Lucy VE3LTC and Karen VA3NOW 157730012 MEMORIES 157730008 MEMORIES Victoria VA3VJS 157730011 MEMORIES DARREL VA3RDC 157752323 MEMORIES Bill VE3WIG 157729771 MEMORIES this is Bob N9JMX, the man who designed and built the PREDATOR. Norm was amazed with this antenna, i convinced him to grab me one also and been on it constant. Bob also sends his condolence to the Richardson family 157733055 MEMORIES VA3ACO, VE3NLH, VE3NJG 157730016 MEMORIES Tom KC8QGJ and Angelo VA3ACO in Dayton Ohio 157734121 MEMORIES Bill VE3KYC and Pat VE3ZP 157729770 MEMORIES Mike VA3MPM 157729772 MEMORIES one of the real early ham fest 157729773 MEMORIES Ritchi KA9DVL and his daughter Sara along with Denny VE3ONG 157729792 MEMORIES Denny VE3ONG 157729776 MEMORIES Judy & Barry VE3IXS 157729769 MEMORIES George VA3GET 157729777 MEMORIES Ducan VA3YRU 157729778 MEMORIES VA3AGX, VA3ACO 157730017 MEMORIES Larry VA3RSQ 157729780 MEMORIES Larry VE3GIO 157729781 MEMORIES Carlos 157729782 MEMORIES Marc VA3SDF, Angelo VA3ACO, Rick VA3AGX 157729783 MEMORIES Pat VE3ZP and Larry VE3GIO 157729791 MEMORIES Lucy VE3LTC, Rick VA3AGX and Darrel VA3RDC 157729793 MEMORIES VA3SDF & VA3NOW 157729794 MEMORIES Ritch KA9DVL 157729795 MEMORIES 157729996 MEMORIES 157729997 MEMORIES 157729998 MEMORIES Tony VE3AXW 157729999 MEMORIES VA3ACO, VE3SFJ ,VA3GBU 157730000 MEMORIES VE3LTC & VA3AGX 157730002 MEMORIES Arnold VA3AYG 157730003 MEMORIES VA3AYG AND Clare VE3CUJ 157730004 MEMORIES Karl VA3KBK and Rolland VE3SFJ 157730005 MEMORIES Kevin VA3KGS 157730006 MEMORIES Clare VE3CUJ 157730007 MEMORIES Vince and Denny VE3ONG 157730013 MEMORIES VE3CUJ, VA3SDF, VE3SFJ, VA3AGX 157730014 MEMORIES VA3ACO, ? , VA3RDC, VA3SDF 157730015 MEMORIES VE3LTC & VA3AGX 157734126 MEMORIES Frank VE3FBH 157752321 MEMORIES Connie, VE3HJ better half. 157752322 MEMORIES Ian VE3IC and Ken 157752376 MEMORIES Don VE3PM 157752377 MEMORIES Don VE3ZV 157752378 MEMORIES GERRY VE3COP and Pat VE3ZP 157752509 VE3NLH STATION this pic was taken when we went to see Norms family when he past. we were talking to Neil ( Norms Twin ), and a moose ran through the back yard. 159450032 MEMORIES Gerry VA3AAG, is one of the controllers on the POW WOW Net on 3.750.0 at midnight from the end of September to the end of April. 159450709 MEMORIES 167515732 MEMORIES 167515733 MEMORIES The North Bay Amateur Radio Club (NBARC) 167515734 MEMORIES 167515735 MEMORIES 167515736 MEMORIES Norms QSL card 167515737 MEMORIES Krings Point NY with the 3730 Group and Tom KC8QGJ from the 1721 Group. 167515738 MEMORIES Norm catches his dinner. 193951954 MEMORIES Norms brother Neil and Rick VA3AGX. 193951955 MEMORIES Norm (VE3NLH), Angelo (VA3ACO), Tom (KC8QGJ) and Victoria (VA3VJS). 193951956 MEMORIES Norm on the lake ice fishing. 193951957